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Hey! Twas sent here by a couple ingame members 'cause I was asking a lot of questions and needed a place to get answers without annoying people. So obviously, this is me asking for access. Because I read the directions, however, here are some things about me:

- I'm essentially entirely new to SB. Though I played back during the early days of live, I was way too young to understand what was going on with my character much less with the politics (i was like 8 at the time). Unfortunately for the people around me, I tend to be a knowledge sponge. A needy one. I am constantly on Pyetrek's Calc throwing ideas and numbers together, trying to learn what already works and what may work in the future. Due to the fact that the wiki only gives need-to-know information, the people of GoD and TSCCC are often subject to my newbie questions. Sorry.

- In the first week or so of returning to SB (early this month), I actually hooked up with Sea Murder and whatever their nation was at the time. That lasted about a couple of hours; the nation's leader made me want to pull my hair out. Thankfully, I had the sense to just take off the guest sticker floating above my head. Unpleasant couple of hours.

- I'm from Texas. Big city, y'all. I ain't no cowboy. Y'all. I currently live in Kentucky because my parents are still paying for my college and I gotta stick around. You can bet I'll be out of this state as soon as possible.

- I wanted to join for two reasons: 1) Playing solo in a game about war, banditry, and politics is completely dumb. 2) Sek helped me a lot of the forums when I was getting my feet wet, so my first impression of the guild was great.

- I'm 19.

Thanks for access! :D

He`s bona fide.
Let him in Rota.

Done. Welcome to TSCCC 8)



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